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Makin' Do: 12 Ways to Stretch Whatever We Have

The Dahlias have published their "Makin' Do" list in the Darling Dispatch. Here it is. They hope you can use some of their good ideas to "make do" at your house!

Makin' Do: 10 Ways to Stretch Whatever We Have
Compiled by the Darling Dahlias
May, 1930
(from The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree)
  1. Save all your bits of bread, the heels, crusts, etc. Use them for bread pudding, in stuffing, and to bread catfish. With the right care and attention, you will never run out of bread crumbs. (Lizzy Lacy)

  2. Don't throw away old feather beds or feather pillows. You can wash the feathers and they'll be as good as new. Take out the feathers and wash in a tub of good hot suds. Then spread them in the attic to dry, in a single layer. Do not dry in the wind, or you will have feathers all over the place. (Bessie Bloodworth)

  3. If you have old woolen coats that have already been cut up for childrens' wear and will no longer serve as garments, cut the fabric into strips and braid and sew into doormats. (Children love to help with this.) Worn out tablecloths can be hemmed and made into nice napkins. (Ophelia Snow)

  4. After you've done your laundry, throw the soapy water on your bushes and young plants. They will appreciate the suds. Also, pour the soapy water into a bucket and wash your brooms. Clean brooms sweep better! (Mildred Kilgore)

  5. Keep moths away from your woolens by packing them in a tight box with pepper, cedar chips, tobacco, santolina, wormwood, lavender. In fact, almost anything with a strong, spicy smell will work. Camphor is good too, but some people object to the way it smells—and you can't grow it. (Miss Dorothy Rogers)

  6. Save old letters and envelopes and use the backs for notes and lists. But be careful not to use a letter you don't want someone else to read. (Myra May Mosswell)

  7. Do not turn up your nose at hand-me-downs. Give an item to someone else if you can't use it. (Aunt Hetty Little)

  8. You can have a supply of horseradish all winter. When you dig the roots, grate it, put it into a bottle with a good lid, and cover it with strong vinegar. Do the grating outdoors—you'll know why if you've ever tried it. (Earlynne Biddle)

  9. Don't spend money on expensive hair setting lotions. Simmer 1 cup flax seed in 3 cups water for a few minutes. Strain the flax seeds and add back enough water to give the desired consistency. Comb through your hair and roll in rags or curlers as usual. (Beulah Trivette)

  10. Be a string saver! Wind it into a ball and you'll always have some handy. Buttons, too: keep them in bag or a box, so you'll know where to go when you want one. (Mrs. George E. Pickett Johnson)

  11. If you have cockroaches, don't spend money on expensive bait. Boil up some poke-root and mix it with molasses, then set it out in the kitchen and the pantry in saucers. Be sure and keep the cats and the kids out of it. (Alice Ann Walker)

  12. Keep a soup pot going on the back of the stove. That's where you should put all the bits of food left from the day's dinner. By supper time, you'll have a thick, rich soup. Add some of those saved bread crumbs to thicken it up some more. (Verna Tidwell)

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